Load Testing

load testing


Overhead Crane Load Testing is available
from all of our locations.

Load testing is a requirement
for new equipment installations and
for existing equipment that has been modified.


Washington Cranes load testing is in conformance with the following OSHA specifications:


OSHA 1910.179 Requirements for Initial Load Test of New and Altered Cranes:

Note that the requirements below sipulates that the test load shall not exceed 125%.


Prior to initial use all new and altered cranes shall be tested to insure compliance with this section including the following functions:

  • 1910.179(k)(1)(i)(a): Hoisting and lowering.

  • 1910.179(k)(1)(i)(b): Trolley travel.

  • 1910.179(k)(1)(i)(c): Bridge travel.

  • 1910.179(k)(1)(i)(d): Limit switches, locking and safety devices.

  • 1910.179(k)(2): Rated load test. Test loads shall not be more than 125 percent of the rated load unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer. The test reports shall be placed on file where readily available to appointed personnel.

For more information, go to:  OSHA Standard Number 1910.179Overhead and gantry cranes

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